What I Wore 23.7.08

This is what I wore to go to the bank (in the pouring rain, hence the rather downcast expressions) and deal with what I believe I have aptly named "banker wankers", and then to salvage my day by having potato pizza at the best place in the city, Cafe Delizioso:

  • Coat from Dotti

  • Beret from Equip (with very messy caught-in-the-rain hair!)

  • Necklace from Diva

  • Watch from Singapore (a present from Boy's parents!)

This coat is now my new favourite (especially since I got it at half price!), I'm really into navy blue at the moment for some reason. I think I didn't wear it much before because my primary school uniform was navy blue (even though that was AGES ago), and this coat is so lovely and vintage looking. I really love the necklace, I don't usually wear ones with such long chains because they tend to disappear into my cleavage and go all wonky. But I couldn't resist this one:

Hopefully it is less rainy and horrifying looking outside where you are! (Although truth be told, I don't mind the rain too much!)




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