We Can't All Be Carrie Bradshaw, pt #1

Sex and the City: The Movie has either brought you a great deal of joy and many excited squealing over the orgasmic outfits featured in the movie; or a great deal of pain if a) you are a man who was dragged to see it, or b) there are some trends that you wished would just die with the series and not be resurrected ever again. While I did love the movie, it brought back one of the trends that I had laughed at during the series and dreaded the return of.

The corsage.

If you're as obsessed with the show as I am, you'll remember that in season 3 Carrie pimped the hell out of this accessory and designers and chain stores around the world followed suit. I don't mind a cute flower brooch, but Carrie's corsages would take on ridiculous proportions. This was NOT resolved in the movie, in fact the corsage took on Little Shop of Horrors proportions:

Although, yes, Carrie Bradshaw can pull of most things that she wears, in "real life" I doubt anyone could wear this without forgoing the ability to come in close contact with people/eat/move their right arm. However, I admit. I am a fan of the flower and even the corsage has won me over. There are ways of wearing them without looking like a clown, as demonstrated by the painfully stylish people on Facehunter:

Wearing flowers tucked into your hair (or, for extra points, your beret) is a cute way to acknowledge the trend without letting it overpower your look. (But maybe leave the incredibly huge shoes at home - unless you WANT to lounge on the stairs all night.) If you are going to wear your love of corsages on your chest, make sure that it matches the rest of your outfit. Particularly in the third picture, where the red flower matches the red of the belt AND the red of her lipstick, while still complementing the colour scheme of the dress. In the fourth picture I think that the flowers may actually be part of her dress, but it's easy enough to make felt flowers that match a dress you already have. & bonus points to the guy for rocking the trend and pulling it off!

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  1. yeah, if its bigger than your head, you should probably ditch it, lol


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