Disney torture

This may be in direct contradiction to my last post about my newly acquired Paraphernalia necklace, but I am really in love with this magic castle ring from Disney Couture. I know that this range has been out for a while, but I've never been a huuuge fan of wearing Disney-branded clothes, probably because of all the cheesy Tinkerbell shirts that are around and the amount of shrieking, shrill tweenage girls who favour them. I've never really looked twice at the jewellery range, but I can definitely imagine some outfits where this ring would be perfect. I don't think that the whole range is available in Australia, but I've heard that it is available on Miijo.com and 80spurple.com (but I can't find this particular ring on either of these websites! If anyone knows where it's available please let me know!).

When I was looking for stockists of Disney Couture, I came across this Vogue forum where some of the commentors say that some of the jewellery looks like what you would buy from a $2 shop, or looks like something you could buy from Diva and Sportsgirl when it actually costs 3 times that. I have to agree that some of the pieces do look a little tacky and not like they're worth the $30-$40 that you would be paying for them (for example, all of these), but the pieces that are made well are really well done. Here are some more of my favourites:

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On the topic of Disney, a while ago, I read this article about one mother who'd finally had enough of the Disney princess phenomenon being pushed onto her daughter. Although I was a Disney girl through and through, I thought that this article was really interesting, because I guess I'd never thought about just how much the princess theme is forced on little girls. Even if you aren't a fan of the feminist side of the Disney argument, you might be interested to know that according to the University of Maryland, in the early 19th century pink was considered a more masculine colour, because it was seen as a lighter shade of red, and blue more feminine because of its associations with daintiness, constancy and faithfulness. Gin in a Teacup, bringing you useless but interesting information every day.
So what do you think? Is it OK to support such a massive corporation? Is it OK to wear Disney branded items after the age of 13? Is the jewellery tacky or cute, or does it represent a stereotype that women have fought to oppose? Are all these questions making your head hurt and you just want to go back and look at the jewellery? Me too.


  1. I love that Disney castle ring, looks awesome! Though, like you, not sure I could bring myself to spend that much on jewellery like that in the line ... cute nonetheless.

  2. Yes at the rate I lose rings (& all jewellery) it would just not be worth it! It's such a shame because it is really gorgeous.

  3. I don't know, but I would wear that castle ring in a heartbeat.


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