Style Icons: Chan Marshall

This post is inspired by my lovely sister, who bought me a Cat Power limited-release record when she was in Sydney recently. Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, is not only a strong, successful woman, but she also has some rather enviable style (as noticed by Mr Lagerfeld himself). I'm not sure I could really pigeonhole her style (though admittedly, "Chanel-like" would not be my first option), but the elements I admire is that she manages to look effortlessly cool while still giving off the I-just-got-out-of-bed-with-guitar-and-cigarette vibe.

With a Bob Dylan shirt (!! Another one of my favourites) and, ahm.. if I'm not mistaken, forgoing the Brazilian, but still look very rock chick.

Although this is from an editorial so not Chan Marshall's personal style directly, I am in LOVE with the jacket in the second picture. And the shirt. And whatever she has on her wrist.

Another could-be-just-thrown-together-but-still-looks-amazing look. I think it has to do with her hair. A straight fringe (or, bangs, depending what side of the ocean you're from) always seems to raise people's style factor by at least a couple of points.

As said in Not Another Teen Movie (...never thought I would quote that here), "Any chick with a guitar is hot." Even while wearing jeans that even Kurt Cobain might shy away from for being too holey.
For Cat Power style:
  • Be outspoken and passionate for what you believe in. Confidence is always sexy.
  • Smudge your eyeliner.
  • Cut a blunt fringe.
  • Learn how to play guitar. (Bonus points for gorgeous husky voice).
  • Blazers and jeans are key for an effortlessly chic look.
If you want more:
To the sea, the sea of love...


  1. Good choice! I'm loving her Bob Dylan tee look with all the heavy metal accessories, but the effortless blazers and jeans can't be beat!

  2. I wish I could do a blunt fringe. Damn cowlicks.

  3. haha...someone above said 'looks like she just got out of bed and had a cigaratte...yeah about she just got 'fletched' up, had a sexual moment...and THEN had a ciggarate? No offense intended. I really don't care what she does as I like her free style anyway...but perhaps the adoring younger crowd should see things in a truer light of day...I mean c'mon...just woke up? Yeah right...with full makeup, etc. That's wrong. She was simply having a good time, cat power style...please don't shoot me, the messenger...

  4. I was glad to have found out about her. She and I share the same everyday style. Although I'm a bit more experimental.

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