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I may be really behind with this one, but I've recently started watching Skins and it is AMAZING. Even though it stars the adorable kid from About a Boy as a near-naked-in-almost-every-episode, horny, drug-loving teenager. How will I handle watching his witty banter with Hugh Grant again? About a Boy is RUINED.

One of my favourite characters, Cassie, also has a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque way of dressing but since she's only meant to be 17 on the show, it seems a lot more accessible to me. I LOVE her vintage style, and she is always wearing something a little quirky and unexpected with her outfits. For example:

I think that this was taken during the parties they had as promos for the show. I adore her jacket here, and the way the prints of her jacket and skirt clash.

You can't tell from this picture, but her jacket is actually a tuxedo morning jacket. It is amazing (and what inspired me to write this post in the first place!) and it is now my mission in life to find one!

...and some of these pink sparkly stockings. Especially when paired with a gorgeous floaty vintage frock.

Not only do I love her sailor dress, but how many people do you see that can pull of the crimped hair? Not so many.

Whenever Cassie is shown in rehab, she always has a 50's style going on, which gives a kind of bizarre innocence to her. It might be wrong to covet rehab style but those sunglasses are divine.

To copy Cassie's style:

  • Have a major focus piece for each outfit. In one scene, Cassie has a toy monkey wrapped around her neck as a necklace. Even when she's at school she still has at least one unusual element in her outfit.
  • Embrace the pale skin - you look gorgeous!
  • Drop a few "Wow"'s and "Totally"'s into conversation. (Unless that's the part of Cassie's character that you CAN'T STAND. In which case come sit by me.)
  • You don't have to stick to one particular style - this is especially true when you are in your teens. Don't be afraid to be 50's chic one day and sailor style the next.
  • Impeccable hair can pull together any outfit.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Cassie's tuxedo morning jacket and I do hope one day i will find it! It looks stunning with the dress she is wearing. I would love to have as many vintage clothes as her. Nice blog, too :)


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