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Like pretty much every other fashion blogger out there, I too fell in love with Nubby Twiglet's nameplace necklace as soon as I saw it. I was so happy when Gilda posted the link up to Helpless Romantic, who sells them! I have wanted one since (surprise, surprise) Sex and the City, but seeing plethoras of tweenage girls with gold and silver nameplate necklaces (not to mention the cringe-worthy ones that are being sold with things like 'Foxxy' and 'Sexxy' on them - I think I got one that said 'Love' with a Girlfriend magazine when I was about eight) kind of made me a bit wary of looking like just another follower of a Carrie trend.

But these necklaces are more quirky and cute, maybe just because the name comes in different colours and looks more bold? I don't know, but I am so lusting over one of these, and especially in the Helvetica! They look amazing! Although, I am not really a minimalistic type of girl, so I think I would be better off with the cursive. Now the only question is which colour to get? I'm partial to the red, but I think that's only because Miss Twiglet can pull it off so well...

Has anyone got one of the Helpless Romantic necklaces? How do they look?


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