I'm so excited! I have been lusting after Paraphernalia necklaces for about six months (after seeing Gala Darling and, more recently, sandypandycandy rock the style) and FINALLY (thanks to an old post on Smaggle Style) I found out that they could be purchased through Etsy! I found them last night and there was one left which I bought this morning!

They have other gorgeous necklaces that I'm guessing sell out pretty quickly so go have a look! Now now now!
Find them here. I would love to get the tooth one for my mum - she's a dentist - but she seemed less than impressed with the idea of me wearing an anatomically correct heart around my neck so I'm not sure she would be totally enamoured with a tooth. But I am planning to buy one of the name necklaces and the typewriter necklace!

Most people seem to either love these necklaces or are a little creeped out by them, which one are you?


  1. omg, i'm jealous, lol. i absolutely LOVE their necklaces. the heart one would be my favourite. did you get a black and white one or a red one? i can't decide which one i like more

  2. I got the black & white one, I'm so excited for when it arrives! AHH!


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