I Want: Sailor Dresses

Yesterday when Boy & I were in the city on the way to the train station, we passed a free jazz event. After having a bit of a dance, we continued on to the train station where there were a bunch of kids a couple of years younger than me all dressed up in flapper style (presumably all heading to the jazz night), with the girls in fringed dresses and feathers in their hair and the boys dressed up in suits and fedoras. As I stood gawping, I noticed that one girl was in the most adorable sailor dress I've ever seen, and this has further fuelled my desire to get one! I MUST! I may have to resort to making one myself, but here are some pictures that are getting me inspired...

(Click pictures for information!)
And also...
One of my favourite photographs ever! It's so lovely!


  1. The dress in the red curtain picture is SO STUNNING!

  2. ooh that one's my favourite! you have excellent taste ;)

  3. OH! Adorable dresses! Now I want to look all gorgeous and wear flapper clothes and sailor dresses!

    Now, just quietly, how is "qwockqk" a word? Silly Blogger.

  4. I love that WWII pic. There is still a bunch of debate about who the girl and guy are. Several people claim it.

  5. I find that utterly romantic (that the identities are still unknown). I think the way I found the photo was when it was in the paper because someone had claimed to be one of them... I cut out the photo and had it in my room for ages!

  6. Hey

    That dress can be found at chinatowner.com

    It's about $40 dollars.

    If I see another girl in Perth wearing it I'll know it's you!



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