Hmm: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Recently I have become quite the fan of the jumpsuit, because a) Gala Darling has been wearing it and looking so svelte and chic on more than one occasion, and because b) it's the type of thing that I would never be able to pull off myself, because I imagine to be able to pull of the jumpsuit you have to be long, lean and with quite an athletic figure, three qualities that I unfortuantly do not possess. However, I have seen a really beautiful one from Fleur Wood that if I could wear (and afford) it, well, I would pretty much never take it off.

So I am a bit perturbed about Maggie Gyllenhaal's choice of jumpsuit at the Dark Knight premiere. Usually I am a big fan of whatever Miss Gyllenhaal wears/stars in/is related to but I'm a bit unimpressed by this jumpsuit... or am I? I really can't decide.

While I admire the fact that she championed the jumpsuit at a red carpet event without sporting a cameltoe, and can do the plunging neckline without showing her ta-tas, it's a bit shapeless, isn't it? And I cannot STAND pants that aren't taken up properly (probably because I live in a family of talented seamstresses).

What do you think? Does Maggie look fabulous or frumpy? Are jumpsuits even flattering on anyone? When will people learn to TAKE UP THEIR PANTS?




  1. Yeah, I actually agree with you - there's no shape whatsoever! I think if they were tapered in the wasit and had like darts on the hips, it'd be better. It looks like she's going to trip on her pants.
    Maybe it's just the angle of the photo..? Hmm.. Her hair looks cool though, lol

  2. Yeah I usually like what she wears, and I think that the idea of the outfit is cool but she could have pulled it off a lot better.


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