You know how you run into, say, a friend from high school, who you haven't seen for ages, and you have the awkward "So... what's been happening with you?" conversation? I always think, mate, there's absolutely no way I can catch you up on everything that's happened in the past few years unless you want to talk for three hours, so I usually answer with "Oh you know, just work, haha... Yeah..." or something equally scintillating. But since I'm blogging here for the first time in four years (under a different name! Goodbye Gin in a Teacup, hello Baguettes & Vegemite) I thought I'd at least try to catch up on what's been going on because it's been quite an eventful time.

So, since my last blog post in 2013, I...

Became a qualified primary teacher
Went on my first overseas trip to America (for Coachella!) and Canada
Moved house and lived by myself
Visited Europe for the first time
Met the love of my life at a bar in Paris
Came back to Australia, Skyped him every day
Got my UK passport (as seen above!)
Moved to Paris
Got engaged
Adopted a cat called Garbage 
Found out I was having a baby
Started freelance writing again
Started blogging again!

...I think that just about covers it?! Obviously it has been a crazy few years and I've been going between "Man, I'm glad I'm not blogging anymore" and "Actually, it would be kind of fun to blog again", and since I'm just about to start maternity leave, I figured I'd give the ol' blog another go. I know blogging is a completely different game than it was four years ago, but I've been inspired by a whole heap of new (to me) bloggers and I can't wait to get back into it!

I hope some old readers find their way back here, and if you're reading along for the first time, welcome! And you can always click here to follow my blog on Bloglovin'!


SHOP | The Project

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I had gotten a new job. I'm working at Buratti Editions in Fremantle, in the old Myer building. I actually missed out on the launch party, which I was really bummed about (Clare, Emma and Bonnie did some great blog posts on it!) but now I'm here a few days a week and I really love it! It's such a great project and so much better than the Myer that was here before... or even worse, having it all boarded up and out of use!

There's a bunch of rad stores in there, like Kate + Abel, Six Threads (which has the likes of Bikini Atoll and On A Whim), Sue Lewis chocolates, Urban Locavore and the Feast Your Eyes gallery, and it really is an awesome place to visit if you're ever in Fremantle. 

It's ridiculously tempting to work around such pretty things all day... and how great is this Fishmas tree? Those are ALL tins of sardines (which I tried for the first time a few weeks ago and I have to say they weren't half bad). 

So if you're ever around the area pop in and have a look! It's definitely worth the train ride!

{p.s You might have seen this around the Perth blogs as the MYRE Project... unfortunately the powers-that-be at Myer decided this was no bueno and so it's simply called 'The Project' for now!}


LITTLE THINGS | 02.12.13

HELLO! So it's been a few months since I blogged last. To be totally honest, it was starting to feel more and more like a chore. Every blog post was sounding really forced and I needed a few months to get my inspiration back and actually enjoy writing again. And after catching up on all the wonderful blogs I follow, I think I have gotten that inspiration back now! So I'm making a few tentative updates and getting back into the swing of things. 

So... what's been happening since August (oh, man. It has been a while...)? Well, I turned 24, got a new job in Fremantle, got a new tattoo, started the application process for a Graduate Diploma of Education... and lots of other stuff but I'll just show you some photos. 

I did the Colour Run this year and it was awesome! In my birthday goals I said that I wanted to do a 5K but I didn't think I'd ACTUALLY do it. It was rad! // I did a story on ghost hunters a few months ago (ooooOOOOOOoooo) and interviewed a tour guide from the Fremantle Prison. It was certainly a very interesting story... // I got these flowers from my boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law for my birthday.

Hanging out with Penny the pup at Peggy Sues // Having a delicious breakfast at Miss Kitty's Saloon with Aidan (who is now officially a teacher!) // A paper crane my cousin made for me while she was down for my grandpa's 80th

At a pub in Fremantle on my birthday! I had a hi-beer-scus. It's a beer mixed with hibiscus syrup. It did not taste good // My new Larry David necklace! // Sometimes at work I get to eat glittery truffles // Speaking of work, this is our setup in the redesigned Fremantle Myer building!

My awesome new cat print dress (coming to an outfit post soon!) // A new zine by the very talented Karys McEwen // My friend's puppy having a nap on my legs

More posts to come this week lovelies! If you're still around after my hiatus, thank you very much!


STYLEAID 2013 | Runway Part Three

Phew! Hopefully you aren't too overwhelmed with the STYLEAID posts yet? This is my last batch of runway photos and these collections were some of my very favourites.

Steph Audino's collection was really fun, flirty and playful. It was really good to see the models having a bit of fun as well - it seemed like they really loved wearing the clothes, which is always an excellent advertisement! I really dug the beading details on the black dresses, it gave them a little unexpected pop of colour (and I'm never going to turn down a bit of colour!).

Nikki Loueza had a really strong collection. I'm not much for slouchy wear but I could totally see myself buying pieces from this collection. I really loved the androgynous styling, too. The first look pictured above is my favourite - I do love that shirt and pants combo! Very Patti Smith.

Zhivago actually had quite a dramatic start to STYLEAID - all of their collection was stolen out of their Hummer the morning of the show. Can you even imagine how gut-wrenching that would be?! If it hadn't been splashed all over my Facebook newsfeed, though, I would never have guessed anything was amiss. I was so floored by this collection. All the models just had so much sass and they worked those pieces. Consider me your newest fan, Zhivago!

Bikini Atoll had a really fun and cute collection, but my favourite part were these weird tube skirt things. Very Gidget! I loved them. No matter how impractical and over-the-top they may be, I would LOVE to wear one while lounging by the pool this summer. Especially that gold one-piece! A MUST HAVE. I think that the Bikini Atoll male models also got the biggest cheer of the night!...

And finally(!), here are my favourite looks from 33 Poets. Their collection really wowed me, to be honest. I love that cross print and I loved the whole English fops and dandies feel I got from the collection. I really, really, REALLY love that last dress (coat-dress?) in particular - it was one of my favourite looks from the night. 

Well, that's a wrap of the night! Hope you've enjoyed getting to know some more awesome local labels... I certainly have! Thanks again to Rachel at Muse Bureau and to STYLEAID for the opportunity! 


STYLEAID 2013 | Runway Part Two

Slowly but surely, I'm making my way through the hundreds of STYLEAID photos! Here's part two of the runway show... and get ready because part three is being edited as this post goes up!
I loved this collection by Fenella Peacock. It definitely gave me Picnic At Hanging Rock vibes but ALSO a little bit of a Marie Antoinette vibe, particularly the scenes in Sofia Coppola's film when she's at her country palace or wherever it was. And I loved the flower garlands they used (particularly as I was wearing my own floral garland!); they were a refreshing take on a style that is absolutely everywhere at the moment. It was so delicate and very ethereal. 

Morrison is a major stalwart in the Perth fashion scene, and they always put out such beautifully tailored collections. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of good photos, but I did want to show this look that I loved. I loved the kind of slouchy leather jacket with the long, flowing silhouette. 

Empire Rose showed one of my favourite collections of the night. My favourite parts were the tartan piece. It was like a very sexy Braveheart cast with kind of a Wuthering Heights vibe too (with the long skirts and neck ruffles). I also LOVED the necklace/bib that's featured in the first photo. It had so much incredible detail in it. It just felt really fun and fresh.

Salasai had some really great colours - lots of oxblood, navys and greys - and that amazing zigzag print too! I was also particularly smitten with that leather jacket... argh! I feel like these clothes would be right at home in Leederville or Mount Lawley. It was kind of preppy but not too much, really on-trend without being too trendy... such a hard balance to get right but they really pulled it off. 

I was quite surprised by how much I loved One Fell Swoop's collection. That white suit was giving me major Bianca Jagger vibes - I thought it was what you'd traditionally expect for sharp, women's tailoring but with a really modern twist, like the kind of sheer pants on the white suit or the gorgeous and unexpected back (those chiffon ties! Dreamy) on the black gown above. Even the LBD got a bit of a makeover, as you can see in the photo above. 

Okay! Part three will be up very soon, so stay tuned! It's unofficial STYLEAID week here on Gin in a Teacup!...

STYLEAID 2013 | Runway Part One

So I've shown you the backstage photos, now it's time for the STYLEAID runway photos! It's so exciting to see so many amazingly talented local designers and I'm SO excited to get to share them with you!

Aurelio Costarella's collection was absolutely GORGEOUS. I only wish I'd gotten better photos of it! It had a very luxurious, elegant Great Gatsby vibe, and it was styled impeccably. I am a huge admirer of Mr Costerella and I really hope to own one of his pieces one day. If it happens to be that beautiful white dress then that would be even better... a girl can dream. 

I used to live near Angelo St in South Perth, where there was a huge flagship Flannel store that I always admired from afar. It's such a 'luxe bohemian' kind of look - it makes me think of what Anita Pallenberg would wear if she were alive today. Their pieces always have such beautiful detail and are just so uncomplicated and beautiful. 

I have been a huge fan of Ae'lkemi ever since I saw a collection a few years ago at the Times Square Claremont opening. This collection was everything I loved about them - incredible details, amazingly styled (those victory rolls! I've only seen better on Ally from The Vintage Valley!) and gorgeous, figure-hugging gowns. 

I was SO excited for Vivienne Westwood by DilettanteIt might come as a bit of a surprise but Vivienne Westwood is one of my absolute favourite designers. I worship her. If I could afford it I would totally dress in Vivienne Westwood every damn day. You might have seen the models' amazing makeup in the backstage post, and it was so effective and jarring (in a good way) on the runway. It was just styled so cleverly and it made for a really great show. Such an amazing job by Diletantte!

And finally (for this post, anyway), here's my favourite looks from ZSADAR. Super sexy menswear that, even as a menswear pleb, I can appreciate. I especially loved the black and white look featured above. Going to try and convince my man to wear it next time he goes skating.

Way too many designers to be featured in one post, so part two of the runway will be up soon! Hope you're enjoying the coverage so far, these posts are so fun (if more than a little time consuming) to put together!